Male Pelvic Floor: Advanced Massage and Bodywork for Tension, Dysfunction, and Pain

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I am happy to answer questions about my work including any concerns you may have. I also welcome comments regarding your own pelvic floor observations, experiences you've had with primary care physicians and urologists, feedback about this website, or additional information about the male pelvic floor you think I may find interesting.

Jeff Gibson   ♦   415 - 626 - 7095   ♦

I currently have the following options to choose from:

→ Fridays or Sundays at 129 Fillmore St. (between Hermann and Waller) in Duboce Triangle.

Outcalls to your home or hotel within San Francisco. Note that there is a 90 minute minimum for all outcalls.

Check this page for future updates as I am actively looking for additional locations to practice out of. If you have any suggestions, please contact me.


Call me at the above number.  Note that all appointments are made by phone, not via email or text. Exceptions can be made for clients outside of California who wish to set up an appointment via email before traveling to San Francisco. Phone confirmation is still required, however, prior to the first appointment.

RATES:   $150 for one hour   ♦   $225 for 90 minutes   ♦   $300 for two hours  

→ Please note that there is an additional $30 travel / service fee for outcalls.

I strongly suggest an hour and a half or two hours for a comprehensive initial session, which usually includes discussion, assessments, awareness exercises, stretches, and of course hands-on work. However, I also recognize that there may be financial and/or time considerations that allow for only an hour. Whatever the session length, I will prioritize our agenda with your goals in mind and approach the session accordingly. Also note that if you are traveling any distance by car within California, or flying in from elsewhere for a limited number of days, 90 minutes or two hours may be the most practical and time-efficient options.

PAYMENT METHODS:   Cash, personal checks drawn from U.S.-based bank accounts, major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, PayPal, and Square.

CANCELLATION POLICY:   Unless there is an emergency, please be considerate enough to cancel your appointment with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Otherwise, full payment of the appointment fee is expected. Note that all cancellations should be made by phone rather than email or text.

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